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About Me

My interest in fragrances was sparked via a rather unconventional route - as a student with an interest in chemistry, I was curious about the structure-activity relationships between molecules and odour, and I purchased some aromachemicals to toy with. 

I naturally began mixing them together, but before long, I realised that I needed to have a point of reference to make something that smelled palatable instead of a cacophonous concoction, so I paid a visit to the department store's perfume section... and down the rabbit hole I went.

It's been several years since then, and I've been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to sample a wide range of fragrances and refine my palette. The fragrance community has been invaluable in my journey, and I'd like to give back by sharing my thoughts on fragrances I've come across, and I hope to introduce readers to scents that they'll love.

Fragrances aside, my interest in perfumery is still burning strong, and I hope to share my experiences in formulating as well as to make the topic accessible to everyone. 

Enjoy your stay, and if you find my site helpful, please consider supporting me on Ko-Fi!

Image by Fulvio Ciccolo
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